my cancer is sun and my leo is moon
name: Rain Sweeper
move 1: Surf
move 2: Meteor Beam
move 3: Ice Beam
move 4: Shell Smash
item: Power Herb
ability: Swift Swim
nature: Timid
evs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe


* rain sweeper
* surf strong enough to ohko most stuff on nuetral hits
* meteor beam bops volcanion and a variety of water resists
* Ice beam hits seismi/gastro/whatever
* Shell Smash lets u set up after forcing a switch
* Rain teammates
* Stuff that appreciates fat waters weakened
* stuff to wear down seismi/gastro

- Written by: [[HailFall, 308025]]
- Quality checked by: [[username1, userid1], [username2, userid2]]
- Grammar checked by: [[username1, userid1]]
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